Add Structure to Your Weekend Rides With This Workout

When you ride with friends on the weekends do you either just go out for an easy-paced cruise or do you try to put the hammer down on each other for most of the ride? This Workout Wednesday Powered by Bioastin is something in-between. It can give you and your buddies a structured workout that [...]

How Can I Expedite My Recovery from an Ironman Race?

I’m in Kona right now, along with thousands of athletes, fans, media and industry bigshots… eagerly awaiting this Saturday’s IRONMAN World Championship. This is the ideal time for me to answer a question that I’m frequently asked: How can I best return to training immediately after my race? Here’s my 5-day prescription for the vast [...]

Boost Swim Fitness with Anaerobic Endurance Sets

With my swim squad in Boulder, we regularly start and end our workouts with short anaerobic endurance (AE) sets using both freestyle and other strokes. AE sets are key to help heighten and recruit fast twitch muscle fibers. Although it’s important to include AE freestyle efforts, try changing your stroke selection from time-to-time. In these [...]

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Keep Sharp with These Late-Taper Workouts

Tapering for the "Big Race" can be a challenging balancing act. The most common issue I see among triathletes preparing for their “A race” is doing too much and arriving at the event fatigued... OR relaxing too much during the final week and giving away fitness. Here's my solution for getting your late-taper just right: As you dial [...]

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Gain Running Strength & Speed with Threshold Pace Workouts

If you want to become a stronger, faster and more powerful runner, than you should be including lactate threshold (LT) sessions into your running regime. If you haven’t had an LT Test I’d recommend getting one to help you learn your training zones. Knowledge is power! If it’s not convenient to get an LT test [...]

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How to Find a Higher Gear in Your Swim

Training for the swim leg of a triathlon takes purposeful practice; too many triathletes simply swim mindless meters and then can't understand why they're not getting faster. Understanding the nuances of how the swim leg typically develops -- and being able to anticipate the tactics of your competitors -- are valuable skills that result from deliberate training. [...]

Practicing Race Day Unknowns – Part 3: The Run

This is the third workout in my three-part series of Workout Wednesdays powered by BioAstin on how to prepare for the host of unknowns in races. For today’s workout, we are addressing unknowns on the run. Also checkout my website for similar sessions on the swim and bike. Does this sound familiar?: The run pace [...]

Plan & Practice for Race Day Unknowns — Part 1: The Swim

  This week, I’ll be kicking off my 3-part series of Workout Wednesday sessions on how to prepare for the host of unknowns that you'll face in a race. We’ve all been there: Despite being meticulous with your race planning and following your power meter, heart rate monitor or just being sensible, you’ve either had [...]

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Swimming Faster: Freestyle with Tennis Balls

One of my favorite drills is swimming with tennis balls. This drill–as silly as it may seem–can dramatically improve your stroke and hand position in the water. Watch the demonstration in the video below to learn more. Try incorporating this drill 1 to 2 times a week during your swim sessions. If you give this [...]

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Training for Open Water Race Pace

Practicing in open water at a race pace effort is a valuable experience going into your key events of the year. This workout includes longer threshold -- or race pace -- efforts with short bursts of high intensity speed that mimic the pace oscillations in a race. If you have an opportunity to practice in open water, [...]