Vintage Dave: How to Extract an Optimal Race-Day Performance in Adverse Conditions

“This photo was taken in 1983 or ‘84 at what I think was called ‘The President’s Race’ in Dallas, Texas. No, it was not a new fashion statement! The early summer race was a scorcher and surviving the run was the tall order for the day. I rarely ran with my shirt pulled over my [...]

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When Should I Start Doing Brick Workouts?

Many triathletes wonder when they should start brick workouts? The short answer: The earlier the better! The opportunity to do brick workouts earlier in the season help your body adapt better for your racing season. Checkout my tips on how to execute these sessions in the early season.

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Vintage Dave: 1983 IRONMAN A Hard Fought Victory

Thirty three seconds was the margin of my victory in the 1983 World Ironman Championships. With 5 miles to go, my friend, Pat, hollered at me, “Dave just over 5 minutes ahead. Tinley looks great; get going!” Two miles to go, I was down to two minutes. I barely hung on and if there were [...]

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2019 Ask The Man: I want to hear from you!

Hi All, For 2019, I want to hear from you! This year I will be focusing content on what I like to call "The Seven Pillars of Triathlon" that will include articles and information on the following topics or Pillars of Triathlon: Swim Bike Run Mobility, Stretching & Strength Nutrition The Mental Game: The emotional [...]

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Why You Should Race Shorter Races

This is a photo of Scott Molina, Mark Allen and myself entering the transition area of the Chicago Triathlon in 1985. (Photo: Seth Goltzer, Triathlete Magazine). Throughout our race seasons leading up to the IRONMAN Championships in Hawaii, we all raced a variety of distances and didn’t just specialize in IRONMAN or 70.3 distance racing. [...]

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Never Give Up On Yourself

In this shot from the 1984 IRONMAN World Championship, I was way behind Mark Allen in Hawi (the halfway point on the bike leg).  Mark had set a blistering pace that I couldn’t match during the first 56 miles of the ride and, by doing so, had accumulated an 11-minute lead on me. By mile 75 as we rode into the town of [...]

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Vintage Dave: Managing Fear and Discomfort

After graduating from college in 1976, I became a workout machine.  I lifted weights, swam, ran and rode my bike everywhere. Entering my first marathon in Sacramento in the fall of 1979, I ran the race shirtless, drank a few sips of water and just locked into a pace that delivered me to the finish line in [...]

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Why Train with Power?

You’ve probably heard that training with power is the “gold standard” of optimizing your cycling training. A power meter is a wise investment for any triathlete looking to improve their cycling ability. I’ve currently been using a Stages Power Meter and I believe it to be extremely accurate and easy to use. Here are the top [...]

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Importance of the Swim

While in Kona for the IRONMAN World Championships, I had the opportunity to sit down with British superstar David McNamee to talk about the race. In this video we share our insights on why we focus so much effort on training for the swim (despite its relatively short contribution to overall race time). David clearly knows what [...]

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Faster Recovery After Your IRONMAN

After training for months leading up to your "A" triathlon, managing post-race recovery can be difficult. Some athletes just sit on the couch, and others try to maintain their typical training routine. Both are mistakes! Check out this video to learn my simple, proven plan for the first 5 days after an IRONMAN.  By following my [...]

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