Ask The Man: Why You Should Never Skip The Warm Up

Hi Dave, If I have a short amount of time to squeeze in a workout is it ok to skip the warmup and get in the main set? Shelley    Hi Shelley, It is never a good idea to skip your warm up especially if you are jumping in on a fast workout. Warming up [...]

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Ask The Man: Should I Stay Seated or Stand Up When I’m Riding Up A Hill On My Tri Bike?

Hi Dave,  I’m not sure what to do when I’m riding a hilly course on my tri bike. Should I get out of the saddle or power through in a seated position?  Thanks,  Rodney     Hi Rodney,  There should be a combination of both seated and standing when climbing.  I do not have a steadfast [...]

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Three Pre-Race Fueling Mistakes You Must Avoid

During your race do you find yourself hitting the port-a-potty?  Often athletes think it’s something they’ve done during the race that results in these issues however, many times triathletes will unknowingly sabotage their race before it even starts by making these common pre-race fueling mistakes.  Here is a breakdown of the three big fueling “don’ts” [...]

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Vintage Dave: The Importance of Sun Protection While Training and Racing

This is a shot in Nice in 1982 or 1983, I do not recall. Helmets were not required during the race, and I certainly was not concerned about protecting my skin. With lifeguarding for years and transitioning to triathlons in my teens, twenties and early thirties, protecting my skin was not my priority. I paid [...]

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How to Master Climbing Out of the Saddle on Your Bike

Climbing out of the saddle is an important skill to master on the bike. While it seems easy, I see athletes make these common mistakes that cause unnecessary fatigue and will also slow you down! Here are my Top 2 "Don'ts" when riding out of the saddle on your bike:  Holding the Bike Static. Often [...]

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