My Tips to Maintaining Your Race Focus During COVID-19

The following are some (hopefully) fun alternatives to your schedule: Keep the fire inside you alive! If your races are far in the future, keep them on your calendar and plot out the course on your home turf. How can you replicate “like” kind of racing where you are? Set the start time and recruit [...]

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Recommended Swim Gear

Dave shares a few of his favorite swim gear recommendations: Bundle One: This selection of gear helps to maximize head position and body alignment increasing bilateral symmetry. Freestyle Snorkel( FS ):   High head position and lateral head  movement  are the two  freestyle triggers for poor  alignment!   The FS will correct this [...]

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Ask The Man: Should I Stay Seated or Stand Up When I’m Riding Up A Hill On My Tri Bike?

There should be a combination of both seated and standing when climbing.  I do not have a steadfast formula on how much you should do of each. There are several variables that affect climbing on your bike including the gradient of the hills as well as the muscle physiology and biomechanics of each individual. With practice you can develop your own rhythm of how to stand and sit while climbing on the bike.

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