Train with Me in France or Hawaii

I’ll make you a faster triathlete.  I guarantee it.

Chateau de le Motte Henry

Stay at the stunning 19th Century Chatea de la Motte Henry in the Pays de la Loire, France

May 20-June 3 & June 5-11 2022

Through my partnership with Group Evolution – with exclusive access to the luxurious and brilliantly equipped 27 acre Chateau Estate – I’ve created triathlon training clinics designed to make you faster, smarter and more strategic.

For a limited number of guests, I’ll provide 7 days of personalized coaching and customized instruction.

Train with me in France for the triathlon experience of a lifetime.  With access from Paris, I hope to welcome people from across Europe.

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Four Seasons, Hualali

Stay on the Big Island and Train with Me!

June 7-11 2021 & December 6-10 2021

Through my partnership with Four Seasons Resort Hualalai – one of the world’s most luxurious resorts, located on the Queen K – I’ve created triathlon training camps designed to make you faster, smarter and more strategic.

For a very limited number of guests, I’ll provide 5 days of personalized coaching and customized instruction.

Train with me on the Big Island for the triathlon experience of a lifetime. There is simply nothing else like it anywhere in the world.

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Dave quickly identified my weaknesses and improved my strengths. It was far more than just ‘swim-bike-run’; from nutrition to race-day execution, no detail was overlooked. When it comes to intelligent preparation for triathlon, Dave is the best in the business. He most certainly is ‘The Man’!

Terry Nugent

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If you’re considering a camp for 2022, or want to learn more, please complete the form below. We’ll keep you updated on availability and help you determine how Dave’s camps can be personalized for your needs.

Dave Scott Triathlon Experience at Four Seasons Hualalai

Who Are My Camps For?

It’s for motivated triathletes of all abilities and all fitness levels who want to become faster while training more efficiently (in fact, most athletes discover that they get faster while training fewer hours per week).

It doesn’t matter if you’re an enthusiastic novice or a veteran of the Hawaii Ironman… I’ll make you faster.

My camp is designed so you’ll learn by doing.  I’ll kick-off each purpose-driven session with a concise explanation of our goals & objectives.  I’ll teach the skills that will make you faster, then we’ll go out and practice them together.

My goal is not to smash you during these workouts, but to teach you how to become a smarter, more efficient triathlete.  You’ll leave camp with a clear and actionable plan for continued improvement.

Camp Schedule

Chateau de le Motte Henry Estate

May 20 – June 2022 & June 5-11 2022

Four Seasons Hualalai

June 7-11 2021 & December 6-10 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


Please reach out to us at for all inquiries


I can confidently say that there is no other triathlon camp like this anywhere else in the world.

First, I’ll be teaching every session, every day, 100% of the time – offering instruction, evaluating your abilities, identifying issues that might be holding you back and diagnosing solutions that will lead to improvement. Simply put, it will be transformative.

Second, our camp theme is “how to get faster through more efficient training.” Every session has its purpose. My goal is to make you a better triathlete by teaching you intelligent and purposeful training methods, not by simply piling on more training hours. You’ll learn that – in many cases – “less is more.” Once we dial in your personal training loads, we’ll analyze how your nutrition, strength, and biomechanics can be fine-tuned to further improve your performance.

Third, before arriving at camp, I’ll conduct a one-on-one phone consultation with you to precisely determine your interests, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Then, I’ll follow-up with you by providing a 90-day strength training prescription and nutritional guidance that will keep you on track long after the camp is over.

Finally, our immersive triathlon training will take place in and around the amazing venue of Pays de la Loire, France or Four Seasons Resort Hualalai.  The facilities and service of this remarkable Hawaiian property are unmatched anywhere in the world and will contribute to your unforgettable experience.  Throughout each training day you’ll enjoy fresh healthy meals, created by the resort’s top culinary team and have ample opportunity to enjoy its world class spa and other award-winning amenities.


If you’ve completed an Olympic distance triathlon (or longer) and have maintained a generally steady workout routine, then you’re absolutely fit enough. You DO NOT have to train extra hard in advance of my camps!

I’m always interested in teaching motivated triathletes of all abilities. I view every athlete’s skill set as a puzzle, and I strive to provide the missing pieces that will transform you into a more complete and balanced triathlete. We are NOT conducting a “hammerfest” of workouts; instead, we’ll provide intelligent, innovative and time-efficient training strategies that deliver impressive ROI.

We’re focused on personalized instruction that will make you faster through camp sessions tailored specifically for you.


The short answer is “yes.” In fact, I guarantee it.

Each of our sessions is deliberately designed as a building block that will enable you to go faster. I’ll reveal the same insights, training techniques and strategies I’ve successfully used with numerous world champions and thousands of age groupers, all personally tailored for you. Why not commit to making your breakthrough in triathlon this year at one of my Dave Scott Triathlon Experience training camps at Chateau de le Motte Henry in France or the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai?