Ask The Man: My Running Intervals Are Making Me Slower… What Am I doing Wrong?

Dear Dave, I’m not a very fast runner but I’ve been joining a fast training group once a week for several years. I’m good at keeping up during the intervals, but I have a hard time recovering and then running well the next day. I really haven’t gotten any faster in my races. What am [...]

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Will Becoming A Vegan Improve My Performance?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people about if the vegan diet is good for performance. I understand that some people “go vegan” due to ethical concerns but if you are considering becoming vegan for purely overall health and performance then I suggest you look to other diets. I tried a vegan, vegetarian and [...]

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Swimming Faster: Back Flutter Kick with No Fins

I like to do kicking drills and this one will work your core and your concentration. The key is not to have too much flexion in your knees. Doing flutter kick on your back without fins increases your awareness of the pressure on the top of your foot which ultimately helps when you are doing [...]

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My Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Winter Motivation

Sub zero temps, snow, cold... Who wants to train now?   It's difficult to stay motivated and on track when the weather is not cooperating. With low temperatures currently sweeping across North America, in this edition of Workout Wednesday powered by Bioastin I want to share my 3 best winter motivation tips from a few years [...]

HIIT for the Holidays: 45 Minute Run Workout

Pressed for time? Traveling for the holidays? Today's Workout Wednesday powered by Bioastin is short and sweet.  Add this session if you want to get a great workout in less than an hour. This workout can also be done on the treadmill if it’s too cold outside. Keep the following in mind (especially if it's [...]

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HIIT for the Holidays: 45 Minute Bike Session

I'm frequently asked, “Why should I include HIIT training sessions in my workouts now? Shouldn’t I just be taking it easy during the off-season?” My answer?  "No! The benefits of year-round HIIT workouts are tremendous!" Here are 3 of my favorite reasons to include some harder efforts every week: Keep Your Fast Twitch Muscles Primed. Short interval segments activate [...]

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HIIT Holiday Workout Series: 45 Minute Swim Session

The holiday season is upon us and between the days being shorter, holiday parties, and family obligations, triathlon training often takes a backseat to life. This is okay! Finding balance in the off-season and during the holidays is very important. Although, it's also very important not to skip training all together and take the whole [...]

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To Hill With It: Part 2

  Running hills in the off-season and early season is so beneficial to your overall triathlon training that I decided to dedicate a 2-part series of my Workout Wednesday powered by Bioastin sessions to hill progressions. (You can read part 1 here ). Why devote your limited training time to the [occasional] discomfort associated with short hill repeats when you [...]

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