Privacy Policy

The Information that This Site Collects

Websites can obtain two kinds of information about you: Anonymous Information and Personally Identifiable Information.

Anonymous Information includes any data the site collects about each visit to the site. For example, when you visit a website, that site can detect what kind of browser you are using to view the site, your screen resolution, and your IP address. Your IP address is a unique number which your Internet Service Provider or your network administrator has assigned to your computer so that it can talk to other computers. Often IP addresses change, and by themselves are not directly associated with the person actually visiting the website. This information helps website owners and creators make their sites work better, improving your internet experience.

Personally Identifiable Information is any information that identifies you, or the actual person visiting the site. Such information includes name, email address, and your telephone number. This site will only collect Personally Identifiable Information with your permission and only that which you, the visitor, provide.

The owner of this site does not sell, provide, or otherwise distribute any Personally Identifiable Information collected from its sites to outside companies without your permission or except as noted within this Privacy Notice.

Third Party Websites

You may find links, connections, or other references to websites not owned or controlled by the owner of this site. These are called third party websites. The owner of this site is not responsible for the privacy practices, actions, or content of such third party websites or their owners. By including, linking to, or any way referring to any third party website, the owner of this site does not imply or express approval or endorsement of those sites, their actions, content, products, opinions, or services.

Please use your best judgment when using the internet and before providing any Personally Identifiable Information to anyone or any website. We encourage you and your family to review the usage, privacy, and other policies of all sites that you visit.


The security of information exchanged with this site is very important us, and we take reasonable measures to help protect information under our control from loss, misuse, and/or alteration. However, no data tr