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Dave Scott provides full-service coaching & performance consultation for motivated triathletes of all abilities, from Ironman professionals to aspiring age groupers. Dave Scott will make you a faster triathlete. Proven Results. Guaranteed.

Ask The Man: How Can I Improve My Form and Power on The Bike?

Hi Dave, Whenever I try to go hard on the bike, I’ve noticed that my hips are sloshing in the saddle and it feels like I have no power. What am I doing wrong? Ryan   Hi Ryan, Great question. This is a common problem among triathletes. Most of the time the lack of power [...]

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When Should I Start Doing Brick Workouts?

Many triathletes wonder when they should start brick workouts? The short answer: The earlier the better! The opportunity to do brick workouts earlier in the season help your body adapt better for your racing season. Checkout my tips on how to execute these sessions in the early season.   https://youtu.be/j0Ps4RWupd8

Enhance Your Heart Function with This Workout

For many years we thought that aerobic training was beneficial to heart health. That's false. Including a small amount of high intensity interval training (HIIT) will help stimulate your heart. In any workout session it's easy to incorporate short intervals to get your heart pumping at capacity. This is extremely beneficial for your overall health [...]

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Vintage Dave: 1983 IRONMAN A Hard Fought Victory

Thirty three seconds was the margin of my victory in the 1983 World Ironman Championships. With 5 miles to go, my friend, Pat, hollered at me, “Dave just over 5 minutes ahead. Tinley looks great; get going!” Two miles to go, I was down to two minutes. I barely hung on and if there were [...]

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Dave Scott Joins SFuels

I’m thrilled to be working with SFuels and their Go Longer Program. SFuels focuses on helping athletes make the transition to low-carb high fat fueling for optimum performance. Stay tuned for more exciting information to come.  https://youtu.be/M9e7J6okuvo

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Ask The Man: Why Am I So Slow Running Uphill?

Dave, Whenever I run uphill, I’m always passed by my competitors. I can’t seem to find the speed to stay with the group. What’s wrong? Brian Hi Brian, Running uphill requires proper form that requires balance, symmetry and strength. The lack of balance is quite often attributed to a weak core and gluteals. The lack [...]

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