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Ask The Man: My Running Intervals Are Making Me Slower… What Am I doing Wrong?

Dear Dave, I’m not a very fast runner but I’ve been joining a fast training group once a week for several years. I’m good at keeping up during the intervals, but I have a hard time recovering and then running well the next day. I really haven’t gotten any faster in my races. What am [...]

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Will Becoming A Vegan Improve My Performance?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions from people about if the vegan diet is good for performance. I understand that some people “go vegan” due to ethical concerns but if you are considering becoming vegan for purely overall health and performance then I suggest you look to other diets. I tried a vegan, vegetarian and [...]

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Ask The Man: Will Strength Training Make Me Bulky?

You shouldn't run away from strength training worrying about bulk. I'm a firm believer that strength training is a huge benefit for triathletes. In today's Workout Wednesday powered by BioAstin, follow these tips on how to strength train to complement your training program and not to add on bulk.

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Only Doing Freestyle in Your Swim Workouts is a Waste of Time

Triathletes that include backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly into their workouts along with practicing different pulling and kicking patterns will gain training and racing benefits above and beyond their competitors. I strongly believe that only practicing freestyle is a waste of time. Adding different strokes around your freestyle sets will help make you a stronger and [...]

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Ask The Man: If I only have 10 hours per week to train what should I do?

We're often pressed to find enough training time, especially during the off-season when daylight is short. In this edition of Ask The Man, I help Sue make the most of her limited weekly training hours. This video is packed with information! I'll explain: How to make the most of just 10 hours per week of [...]

By |2018-01-10T14:02:37-06:00January 10th, 2018|Articles, Ask The Man, Bike, Run, Strength, Swim, Training, Training Articles|
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