4 Race-Day Nutrition Mistakes that Undermine Your Performance

All too often I’ve seen athletes looking to PR -- or even win their Kona slot – who end up being plagued by nutritional problems that prevent them from reaching their goals. Does this sound like you? If so, then read on to avoid these 4 common hazards and nail your race-day nutrition strategy for a [...]

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Dave’s Top 5 Nutritional Supplements

As you know I place a huge amount of importance on healthy eating. My household is committed to clean, organic foods. To fully reach your potential as a triathlete, you must pay attention to how you’re “fueling your engine”. In addition to being very purposeful about my diet fundamentals, I’m also an advocate of using [...]

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How often should a triathlete drink during the bike and run while racing an Ironman 70.3?

Recently I was asked: How often should a triathlete drink during the bike and run while racing an Ironman 70.3? This is a massive topic, but here are my 10 key points for optimal race day hydration: Don’t load up on fluid the day before the race (and this includes electrolyte drinks). Eat dinner prior to [...]

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#AskDS6x: What to Eat Prior to High Intensity Morning Workouts

This week Dave answers a question from follower, Judith Cardinaels. Question: In the morning when running tempo or short intervals I get hungry. You mentioned in a tip to hold off on eating to burn calories for the morning workout. What should I eat prior to high intensity morning workouts? Answer: Hunger is fine!  However, [...]

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