Workout Wednesday

Maximize Your Core Strength With This Push Up Series

For this Workout Wednesday powered by Bioastin, I wanted to share one of the best exercises you can do to anywhere. I recommend this push up series for all of my athletes to help with core stabilization and core strength. Having a strong core will help you across your swim, bike and run disciplines. Give [...]

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Do These 3 Things Now For Faster Races This Summer

Every year triathletes ask me the same question. “What should I be doing now -- in the off-season -- to lay a successful foundation for my summer races?” In order to get fitter, faster and achieve your race goals, you have to have good form, strength and proper biomechanics. For this week’s Workout Wednesday brought [...]

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My Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Winter Motivation

Sub zero temps, snow, cold... Who wants to train now?   It's difficult to stay motivated and on track when the weather is not cooperating. With low temperatures currently sweeping across North America, in this edition of Workout Wednesday powered by Bioastin I want to share my 3 best winter motivation tips from a few years [...]

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HIIT Holiday Workout Series: 45 Minute Swim Session

The holiday season is upon us and between the days being shorter, holiday parties, and family obligations, triathlon training often takes a backseat to life. This is okay! Finding balance in the off-season and during the holidays is very important. Although, it's also very important not to skip training all together and take the whole [...]

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Dave’s Secret to Gaining More Power on Your Runs

An effective way to improve your running is to train regularly on hills. Including hill repeats in your running regimen will make you stronger and faster. Running hills increases strength in the glutes, calves and core, and it builds more power. It also increases arm action that will eventually improve fluidity in your form. All good things! You can include a [...]

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