Sub zero temps, snow, cold… Who wants to train now?

It’s difficult to stay motivated and on track when the weather is not cooperating. With low temperatures currently sweeping across North America, in this edition of Workout Wednesday powered by Bioastin I want to share my 3 best winter motivation tips from a few years back that are especially relevant today. These will help keep your triathlon training focused when it’s cold outside and the weather is terrible!

My Top 3 Tips for Winter Motivation

  1. Schedule a Time for Training… and Keep the Appointment. Don’t wait until morning. Schedule your workout at least one day — or even one week — in advance. Write it down, especially if you have a tendency to “no show”. This way, you know you’ll be out the door on Monday at 7 a.m. for your morning run—regardless of weather or temperatures.


  1. Make Your Training Session Short and Deliberate. A lot of us plan our training schedule when the weather is glorious. Be realistic about how long you can be outside. Try for an hour or an hour and 15 minutes. Add some intensity to spice things up, but keep it simple: for example, 12 repeats of hard 25 second intervals in each of your swim, bike and run workouts will do the trick.


  1. Have Faith In Yourself. Never give up on the faith you have in yourself. In winter, when you’re challenged by the elements, it’s easy to lose sight of this. Don’t. Remember that faith bolsters the probability of success. If you have faith in your training when conditions are tough — and maintain it throughout the year — then you’ll be reinforcing your commitment to higher personal standards. This positive outlook ultimately leads to the confidence and ability to execute a great race during the warmer months ahead.