The Key Ingredients of Effective Bodywork

Strength, stretching and mobility training -- otherwise known as bodywork --  are crucial to your triathlon program.  I recommend that you always include bodywork in your training, even if you have to give up some of your swim, bike and run sessions to do so. If you haven’t been doing this type of training recently, then [...]

3 Reasons Why Strength Training is Required (If You Want to Get Faster)

When I was in Kona for the IRONMAN, you'd be surprised by how many athletes asked me about strength training! They wondered if they should prioritize it (Yes!) Should they continue doing it as their race gets closer (Yes!) Will it make them get bulky (No!) Here's a short video to remind you of the 3 [...]

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6 Tips to Live a Long & Healthy Life

This shot was recently taken of my dad, Verne, and me. My dad turned 93 on June 19th. He’s always been a huge supporter of me and my kids: attending and organizing swim meets, water polo matches and coming to Kona for most of my races... and, of course, doing all of things dads do that [...]

Building a Bullet Proof Body

with Christine Bell Too often I see clients early in the New Year with season-stalling injuries caused by overzealous training. After a 4- to 6-week romp on the holiday party circuit, they jump off the couch and into high-intensity training, only to be frustrated a few weeks later when they develop an injury. Generally these [...]

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