Q&A With Dave: Should I Take Collagen Protein?

Hi Dave, I’ve read a lot about collagen protein and I know that my go to sources are bone broth but I don’t have this on a daily basis. I’m 45 years old with a lot of Achilles and lower leg issues which seems to radiate down to my feet. Can you fill in the [...]

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Victors at St. George 70.3

Mike Wein in the 70-74 age group and Bruce Thompson in the 65-69 age group are two of my youngsters that swim and run with my local Boulder group! They both took home the first place honors; a super start for 2021!

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How to Address Achilles Heel Pain

Do you struggle with Achilles heel pain while training? My recommendation is to address the issue on both sides - anterior and posterior compartments of your lower leg. Here are some additional tips on managing the injury: A. Strengthening and rolling the anterior chain is key. Roll right along your tibia but not on the bone. Kneel on [...]

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