4 Race-Day Nutrition Mistakes that Undermine Your Performance

All too often I’ve seen athletes looking to PR -- or even win their Kona slot – who end up being plagued by nutritional problems that prevent them from reaching their goals. Does this sound like you? If so, then read on to avoid these 4 common hazards and nail your race-day nutrition strategy for a [...]

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Ripped! 12 Tips to Achieve Your Ideal Racing Weight

I'm frequently asked about the best ways to attain your ideal racing weight. As triathletes, we must strive to attain that perfect balance between lean body mass, power and immune health (it does no good to drop so much weight that we get a cold during race week, or if we feel dead trying to run up [...]

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Dave’s Top 5 Nutritional Supplements

As you know I place a huge amount of importance on healthy eating. My household is committed to clean, organic foods. To fully reach your potential as a triathlete, you must pay attention to how you’re “fueling your engine”. In addition to being very purposeful about my diet fundamentals, I’m also an advocate of using [...]

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How often should a triathlete drink during the bike and run while racing an Ironman 70.3?

Recently I was asked: How often should a triathlete drink during the bike and run while racing an Ironman 70.3? This is a massive topic, but here are my 10 key points for optimal race day hydration: Don’t load up on fluid the day before the race (and this includes electrolyte drinks). Eat dinner prior to [...]

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#AskDS6x: What to Eat Prior to High Intensity Morning Workouts

This week Dave answers a question from follower, Judith Cardinaels. Question: In the morning when running tempo or short intervals I get hungry. You mentioned in a tip to hold off on eating to burn calories for the morning workout. What should I eat prior to high intensity morning workouts? Answer: Hunger is fine!  However, [...]

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#AskDS6x: Post-Workout Smoothie

This week Dave answers a fan question, “What should I eat late morning after a workout?” Watch the below video to find out: the ultimate nutrient dense Smoothie why you shouldn't graze every 2-3 hours whether to eat bars or real food how many avocados Dave eats per day! Watch Here > #AskDS6x: Post-Workout Smoothie

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