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Crowie & The Man: We’re Teaming Up Again

After having the privilege of coaching 3x IRONMAN World Champion Craig Alexander for a few years, we've become good friends. Next Thursday night we're teaming up again – along with multisport legend Bob Babbitt -- for a very elegant evening at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. The evening includes: Reception and photos with Craig, [...]

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Dave Scott Triathlon Experience

Hey Triathletes I recently announced my new partnership with Four Seasons Resort Hualalai on Hawaii's Big Island, where I'll be hosting some very unique triathlon training camps this summer. You can check out the video we produced that describes the camps, hosted by Hawaii's award-winning luxury resort: Since announcing my camps I've received a number [...]

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Limited Time? Train with 9 Hours a Week

Most of us squeeze our training time around work, family and other life commitments. For those of you who have limited time to devote to triathlon, I'd like to share my thoughts on how to structure your workouts so that you can continue to enjoy our sport. In this video, I outline which workouts are critical to improving [...]

#AskDS6x: Anaerobic Training and Picking a Training Coach

Advantage of Short Rep's and How to Pick a Training Coach This week I received the below questions - hope these answers help! Question:  Is a 3-5 min interval not also deeply anaerobic? What’s the advantage of such short reps? Answer:  Recognize that the intensity level needs to be defined so a 3 -5’ interval could be a [...]

Anaerobic Workouts Critical During Spring Training

If there is one type of workout that sets you up for success during Spring Training, it's anaerobic endurance workouts. During this video, Dave recommends: - a specific anaerobic endurance workout - workout frequency per week - how to increase intensity per discipline (swim, bike and run). These workouts should be hard intensity with a [...]

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