Advantage of Short Rep’s and How to Pick a Training Coach

This week I received the below questions – hope these answers help!

Question:  Is a 3-5 min interval not also deeply anaerobic? What’s the advantage of such short reps?

Answer:  Recognize that the intensity level needs to be defined so a 3 -5’ interval could be a series of aerobic intervals with a short rest between the repeats or a very very hard VO2 set with a  1 – 3 exercise to recovery ratio. The aerobic interval set could be implemented in the early season as a gradual buildup or in the competitive season as a recovery segment. An example is 8 x 5’ with a rest interval of 30”.  The VO2 set is generally inserted during the pre competitive or competitive season and is a very very high intensity set of shorter duration than the noted aerobic set, i.e. 6 x 3’ with a rest interval  of 3’ to 5’.  Define the intention of the interval set by:

a. Perceived Exertion

b. Heart rate

c. speed

d. power on the bike

e. intuition

f. a combination of any of these.

I hope this helps.

i.e. 8 x 5’ with 20” rest interval, the intention maybe to work on good form, possibly an early season or recovery set in the competitive season

Question:  How does one find the right coach? I was a four year athlete at Oregon, 2 years in football and 3 years running track. I am about to step away from my time in the Army and I want to get serious about this sport. Any words of wisdom as I begin to shop for training locations and coaches?

Answer:  The coach should be quizzed!  Does he /she have time for you?  What are their philosophies? Do they have an understanding of exercise science specifically;  energy systems and muscle physiology? How do they deliver the programs- weekly, monthly etc?   What contact do you have with them; emails, phone, Skype? How frequent?  Can they provide a week example of a “like” ability athlete?  Do you like their voice / energy / enthusiasm?