Most of us squeeze our training time around work, family and other life commitments. For those of you who have limited time to devote to triathlon, I’d like to share my thoughts on how to structure your workouts so that you can continue to enjoy our sport.

In this video, I outline which workouts are critical to improving your performance and I offer tips on how to stay emotionally and mentally focused.

To the surprise of many, I provide a weekly training plan that requires just 9 hours a week.  Granted, this won’t put you on the podium at Ironman, but it will allow you to chart noticeable improvements and enjoy your next race.

I’ll answer these questions:

  • How many swim, bike and run workouts per week 
  • How many strength workouts per week
  • Types of workouts (mixed threshold, anaerobic, etc.)
  • How to stay on course and not miss a workout

Watch the video here