5 Big Mistakes People Make After Signing Up for an IRONMAN

It's easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of training for a big race. I've seen both pros and amateurs make plenty of errors in their training that have led to detrimental race results or a loss of an entire season due to injury. Here are the 5 biggest mistakes I’ve seen and my [...]

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Ask The Man: Will Strength Training Make Me Bulky?

You shouldn't run away from strength training worrying about bulk. I'm a firm believer that strength training is a huge benefit for triathletes. In today's Workout Wednesday powered by BioAstin, follow these tips on how to strength train to complement your training program and not to add on bulk.

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Ask The Man: What Order Should I Do My Workouts?

Hi Dave, How important is the order of the workouts each day? I get that brick sessions should be done as arranged. But if I have one swim and one bike workout scheduled, can I do the bike in the morning and the swim in the evening? Mattias   This is a great question and [...]

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Ask The Man: If I only have 10 hours per week to train what should I do?

We're often pressed to find enough training time, especially during the off-season when daylight is short. In this edition of Ask The Man, I help Sue make the most of her limited weekly training hours. This video is packed with information! I'll explain: How to make the most of just 10 hours per week of [...]

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Do These 3 Things Now For Faster Races This Summer

Every year triathletes ask me the same question. “What should I be doing now -- in the off-season -- to lay a successful foundation for my summer races?” In order to get fitter, faster and achieve your race goals, you have to have good form, strength and proper biomechanics. For this week’s Workout Wednesday brought [...]

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My Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Winter Motivation

Sub zero temps, snow, cold... Who wants to train now?   It's difficult to stay motivated and on track when the weather is not cooperating. With low temperatures currently sweeping across North America, in this edition of Workout Wednesday powered by Bioastin I want to share my 3 best winter motivation tips from a few years [...]