Today’s Workout Wednesday powered by BioAstin combines variable gearing and high intensity intervals (HIIT) to challenge your body to begin tolerating high levels of muscle acidity. The HIIT intervals interspersed into your cycling workout are self-governing and self-driven. You can try to exceed your duration of the repeats as your fitness comes up. If you’re having trouble interjecting the HIIT intervals, this workout will help you ramp up your effort and track your progress. You can pick the potency! There will be a quick spike in leg fatigue accompanied by a rise in your heart rate. If you have a power meter, try to maintain the power in each segment.

This is a doozy of a cycling session that has a high level of discomfort with approximately 10 min of HIIT. It will help rev your power, cadence and will challenge you to hold your speed until your legs nearly fall off! Try this workout once or twice a week with at least 2 to 4 days in-between these sessions.

Warm Up 

10 min your choice

Randomly get out of the saddle to stretch your quads and back during the warm up.

Set 1  

8 x 15 sec with 5 sec standing and 10 sec seated on the odd repeats and reverse the order on the evens.

Effort is progressive on intervals 1 through 4 and then hold your output on intervals 5 through 8.

Rest Interval (RI) 15 sec between each interval.

Main Set 

The main set consists of 4 Mini Sets. When you can no longer hold the segment length nor the rpms go back to the first mini set.

Mini Set 1

4 x 20 sec at 100 rpms on odds and even repeats shift to the biggest gear possible and hold 80 rpms.

Rest Interval 10 sec

Cruise for 1 min

Mini Set 2

Try to maintain intensity for the 30 sec segments. If this is impossible, then drop back down to 20 sec and complete the duration of total time for the set.

4 x 30 sec. Odds are holding 100 rpms. Evens are split in your big gear (BG) with standing for 15 sec at 66 rpms and seated for 15 sec at 80 rpms.

Cruise for 2 min

Mini Set 3

4 x 40 sec with same pattern as the block of 4 x 20 sec

RI 40 sec

Cruise for 4 min

Mini Set 4

4 x 1 min with same pattern as the 4 x 30 sec with 15 sec standing and 75 sec seated.

RI 90 sec 

Cool Down

5 min