After a gluttonous Thanksgiving (or any other major holiday), it’s no wonder that many of us are feeling sluggish.

I have just the antidote: My 50-40-30 Brick Workout! This fun session will snap you out of your food coma and get you back on track.

Each discipline begins by slowly building to an aerobic effort. Then I’ve inserted 12 min of higher intensity efforts to add some electricity to the workout.

These embedded harder segments will jumpstart your system and help you return to an efficient and productive training routine.

Bike: 50 min

Run: 40 min

Swim: 30 min

BIKE – 50 min

Warm Up:

12 min in Low Gear (LG) building up to 100 RPMs over the final 90 sec.

Main Set:

4 min at aerobic pace, seated at 90 RPMs

8x 30 sec hard! Alternate seated and standing. Be aggressive!

Rest Interval (RI) 30 sec

Repeat the entire Main Set 3 times.

On the final cycle of 8x 30 sec, start in your Time Trial Gear (TTG) but shift up to a bigger (i.e., harder) gear (BG) approximately every 10 sec (this equates to 3 upward shifts during each interval).

Cool Down:

Ride easily to the end until reaching 50 min in total cycling time

Get ready to run.

RUN –  40 min

Warm Up: 

6 min

Start easy, then build to your aerobic pace.

Main Set:

4x 30 sec build,

RI 30 sec

2 min aerobic run

4x 1 min build

RI 1 min, immediately followed by 1 min very easy.

The goal for these 30 sec and 1 min efforts is to accelerate throughout the first half of each segment, then hold this elevated pace until the end.

Repeat the Main Set.

Cool Down:

Run easily until reaching 40 min in total time

SWIM – 30 min

Warm Up: 

5 min aerobic swimming. Mix up your strokes.

Main Set: 

5x 2 min, RI 20 sec

Each 2 min interval may equate to 100 yards for some of you, possibly a 125 or 150, or even a 175 if you’re really fast!

Swim each of these reps progressively faster.

8x 25 All Out, RI 35 sec

Swim half a length breaststroke pull with a flutter kick and try to keep your head out of the water. This really works the arms, shoulders and core. Then finish each rep with half a length free.

Cool down:

Stretch out easy until your time is up!