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3 Reasons Why Strength Training is Required (If You Want to Get Faster)

When I was in Kona for the IRONMAN, you'd be surprised by how many athletes asked me about strength training! They wondered if they should prioritize it (Yes!) Should they continue doing it as their race gets closer (Yes!) Will it make them get bulky (No!) Here's a short video to remind you of the 3 [...]

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Half Fly Cord Drill for Faster Freestyle

Why would we want to perform a half butterfly stroke with stretch cords? Because this drill -- demonstrated in the Workout Wednesday presented by Bioastin video below -- will get you comfortable with the unnatural motion of the high elbow set. For those of you who have followed me for some time, you know that [...]

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Importance of the Swim

While in Kona for the IRONMAN World Championships, I had the opportunity to sit down with British superstar David McNamee to talk about the race. In this video we share our insights on why we focus so much effort on training for the swim (despite its relatively short contribution to overall race time). David clearly knows what [...]

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Faster Recovery After Your IRONMAN

After training for months leading up to your "A" triathlon, managing post-race recovery can be difficult. Some athletes just sit on the couch, and others try to maintain their typical training routine. Both are mistakes! Check out this video to learn my simple, proven plan for the first 5 days after an IRONMAN.  By following my [...]

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Crowie & The Man: We’re Teaming Up Again

After having the privilege of coaching 3x IRONMAN World Champion Craig Alexander for a few years, we've become good friends. Next Thursday night we're teaming up again – along with multisport legend Bob Babbitt -- for a very elegant evening at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. The evening includes: Reception and photos with Craig, Bob and [...]

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