Workout Wednesday with BioAstin: Alleviating Hamstring and Low Back Tightness

Hi Dave, I finished my first Olympic-distance triathlon in October 2016 and my left hamstring and lower back have become tighter and more aggravated during the off-season. Can neck tightness and lower back stiffness on the bike be resolved with core exercises like yoga? I also have left leg tightness through my hamstring, piriformis, quads, [...]

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Designing the Perfect Pre-Race Taper

Over the years I’ve seen many athletes not achieve their full potential in races because they failed to execute a proper pre-race taper. I’ve witnessed triathletes who have not backed off enough and have arrived at the event tired and flat; I’ve also seen those who have dialed back their training too much, and dulled [...]

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Limited Time? Train with 9 Hours a Week

Most of us squeeze our training time around work, family and other life commitments. For those of you who have limited time to devote to triathlon, I'd like to share my thoughts on how to structure your workouts so that you can continue to enjoy our sport. In this video, I outline which workouts are critical to improving [...]

AskDS6x: How Should I Train My Fast Twitch Muscles?

When one trains their fast twitch muscle fibers, they reap the greatest benefits in training and ultimately racing. Fast twitch muscle has 5 times the contracted force of a slow twitch muscle and has the ability to perform over many hours repeatedly. When one exercises at high intensity, you train your fast twitch muscles.‪ This [...]

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