Dave’s Secret to Gaining More Power on Your Runs

An effective way to improve your running is to train regularly on hills. Including hill repeats in your running regimen will make you stronger and faster. Running hills increases strength in the glutes, calves and core, and it builds more power. It also increases arm action that will eventually improve fluidity in your form. All good things! You can include a [...]

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Gain Running Strength & Speed with Threshold Pace Workouts

If you want to become a stronger, faster and more powerful runner, than you should be including lactate threshold (LT) sessions into your running regime. If you haven’t had an LT Test I’d recommend getting one to help you learn your training zones. Knowledge is power! If it’s not convenient to get an LT test [...]

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Making Your Bike-Run Brick Count!

When most triathletes think of a brick, they think of a several hours-long bike ride followed by a short 20 minute run. This makes my skin crawl! I’ve already talked about ways you can mix-up your brick workouts with a ‘non-traditional’ swim-bike brick or a run-bike-run brick.  Today let's take a look at the traditional bike-run [...]

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Practicing Race Day Unknowns – Part 3: The Run

This is the third workout in my three-part series of Workout Wednesdays powered by BioAstin on how to prepare for the host of unknowns in races. For today’s workout, we are addressing unknowns on the run. Also checkout my website for similar sessions on the swim and bike. Does this sound familiar?: The run pace [...]

Break Your Plateau on the Run

Tired of not improving your run split? Or are you putting in a lot of time running, only to be reduced to walking during a race? This high intensity workout will help bust you out of your rut. Similar to my 'Break Your Plateau on the Bike Workout', adding VO2 Max workouts – or sessions specifically [...]

Run Faster Uphill: Dave’s Hills + Flats Workout

Oftentimes when I see athletes running uphill during a race, they falter near the top and lose their form and speed. If you have a hilly race on your calendar or if your legs feel tanked every time you finish a hill session, then this workout will help. Today's Workout Wednesday powered by Bioastin will help develop [...]

Swing Pace Run Session: Get Faster & Dial-in Your Race Pace

Getting faster on your run takes work and commitment. It's attainable but there’s no easy way to gain speed! But -- with the right training and purposeful effort -- you can achieve your PR goals. I’ve designed several workouts for swim, bike and run that incorporate "Swing Pace" efforts to help athletes learn pacing and prepare them [...]

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Ask The Man: How to Bounce Back from Burnout

Hi Dave, Last year I trained for my first full Ironman. Since then, I've been totally burned out; I don't even want to run. I don't want to get out of shape, so what can I do to make training more fun? Thanks! Leah   Hi Leah, At some point, most athletes experience some type [...]

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Designing the Perfect Pre-Race Taper

Over the years I’ve seen many athletes not achieve their full potential in races because they failed to execute a proper pre-race taper. I’ve witnessed triathletes who have not backed off enough and have arrived at the event tired and flat; I’ve also seen those who have dialed back their training too much, and dulled [...]

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