Pressed for time? Traveling for the holidays?

Today’s Workout Wednesday powered by Bioastin is short and sweet.  Add this session if you want to get a great workout in less than an hour. This workout can also be done on the treadmill if it’s too cold outside.

Keep the following in mind (especially if it’s cold):

  1. Take time for a proper warm up.
  2. Build your speed into each interval.
  3. Follow the effort levels I recommend for each interval. Keep the moderate efforts moderate (i.e., don’t overdo it!), and go fast on the shorter HIIT segments.
  4. Each HIIT segment should be followed by an ample rest interval, which will help you recover properly and be ready for the next segment.

If you are doing this workout on the treadmill, follow these guidelines:

  1. Set the grade of treadmill to 1% during the warm up
  2. During the 3 x 3 min intervals, start at 1% and then move to 2% at 2 min
  3. The 6 min cruise effort should be at 1%.

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HIIT 45 Minute Run Session

Warm Up

8 min and, at the end of every 2 min, include a 20 sec pickup. Build your speed on these. During the warm up these pickups are moderate to moderately hard. Not too quick! 

1st Set

8 x 20 sec.  Go fast on these efforts.

Rest Interval (RI) jog easy 40 sec.

Main Set

3 x 3 min gradual build at a moderate to moderately hard effort

RI 30 sec

After the third 3 min segment the HIIT intervals begin! Remember go hard on these:

3 x 15 sec

4 x 30 sec

2 x 45 sec

RI 45 sec on all the shorter repeats.

Cruise 6 min at a moderate to moderate hard effort.

Repeat the Main Set.

Cool Down

5 min

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