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Ian Moore’s epic IRONMAN race!

Here is a prelude to Ian Moore’s epic IRONMAN race! He lives in Norway and has been an active member of DSTC; this was one brutal IRONMAN experience but certainly a testament to his incredible willpower.

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IRONMAN® 70.3 VR Club Competition

Coming up in November, there will be a club competition (Nov 29th-Dec 5th). I’d like to have as many DSTC members join up for the 70.3VR World Championships. You will also be teammates with my local swim, run squads as well as DSTC members. Click here to learn more!   Four of my athletes participated [...]

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Want a Challenge? Try the Ironman Virtual Club

As one of Ironman’s Master Coaches, I’ve been working with Ironman Virtual Club to create a variety of challenges for athletes to continue competing, virtually. It’s free to register, and I encourage you to take a look: Thanks Karl Thieme for giving the IMU VR a shot. See his results and my thoughts below: IM [...]

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My Tips to Maintaining Your Race Focus During COVID-19

The following are some (hopefully) fun alternatives to your schedule: Keep the fire inside you alive! If your races are far in the future, keep them on your calendar and plot out the course on your home turf. How can you replicate “like” kind of racing where you are? Set the start time and recruit [...]

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