Dave Scott’s Top Seven Recommended Supplements

The following 7 super supplements are all synergistic. They simply work hand in hand in creating the optimal barrier and resistance to COVID-19. My diligence in getting my two sons that both contracted the virus was a tad late. They are on the back end of COVID but suffered though many days of elevated fever, cough, and headaches. As I once told them when they were little – listen to your Dad’s advice; sometimes it’s worthy.

So, as you try to keep your defenses at an optimum and your resiliency maximized, my suggestion is not to wait another day and start the daily intake of the Super 7!


This is the master antioxidant that permeates every cell in your body. It also enhances the other antioxidants that work in harmony including Vitamin C (increase C to 5-8 grams/day) and Vitamin E . Plus the water and fat-soluble mop like compound Alpha Lipoic Acid and one of the key compounds for your mitochondria, COQ10.

  • Lowering of Glutathione is directly affected by the potential onslaught of COVID 19. The antiviral qualities are a must for this supplement.
  • Senior people like me have lower levels. Poor diet, combined with lowered gut microbiome also lower glutathione levels.
  • Enhances glutathione levels via nutrient-dense foods is also a must with the COVID pandemic. A short food list is: Almonds, Kale, Walnuts, Whey Protein, Brussel Sprouts, Leeks, GrassFed Beef and eggs.
  • The Liposomal form ( spray) is fat-soluble and when you take it let it linger under your tongue and on your cheeks for one minute. Take 500- 1000 mg/day of this form.


  • Staying inside, lack of UV and possibly an increase in overall fatigue, frequent headaches, and poor sleep can be attributed to low levels of D3. This Vitamin acts like a hormone and permeates every cell. I also take it for my heart and bone health.
  • Levels of Vitamin D3 should be between 60 – 80 ng/ ml. The Vitamin D Council recommends a maintenance level of 5000 IU / day.
  • Vitamin D3 additionally aids in stabilizing Blood Pressure, works in harmony with almost all of my suggestions to enhance Gut microbiome and normalizes Estrogen in women.


This crazy potent micro algae (not the synthetic stuff ) is the King and Queen of Carotenoids. The multifaceted and functional aspects of Astaxanthin are numerous.
BioAstin Astaxanthin

  • First and foremost it permeates the vital organs including the liver, kidney and brain plus retinal tissue, muscles, tendons and more!
  • Astaxanthin is the driver for your energy by increasing the functionality of your energy organelle called the Mitochondria. If the mitochondria are taxed by a virus, the resiliency and strength of Astaxanthin is to optimize the function of all processes in the body – via the mitochondria.
  • Glutathione and Astaxanthin work synergistically and collectively they are a huge barrier against COVID 19.


I just bought a two-pound jar of Turmeric. Adding it to soups, smoothies, mixed vegetables, salmon and more, this spice is loaded with defense mechanisms. However, to ward off COVID 19 you need a lot! A capsule at 1000mg/day an ideal dosage.

  • Turmeric is a very potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powerhouse. The Active Ingredient is Curcumin. If you’re adding Tumeric to your food sources, pop in some black pepper. This aids in the activation of Curcumin.
  • Turmeric is a very strong antioxidant and also anti-inflammatory. Aiding in liver function and enhancing your GI function – again works in harmony with the other Super 7.


  • Top Omega 3 source! 40 – 50 x the potency of mixed Omega 3s.
  • Permeates all tissues including gut lining and cell membranes.
  • Protects the heart, kidney and under COVID stress, protects the Liver.
  • Krill contains Phosphytdlcholine which protects the brain. With a potential high fever from COVID 19, this defense mechanism is key.
  • Take 600-1000 mg/day

6. L- Glutamine / Collagen Protein / Electrolytes

SFuels Train

I combined these together because their potency is paramount particularly with fatigue, fever, headaches, spending more time indoors and providing a safeguard against COVID 19.

  • Collagen Protein is 25 – 30% of all body protein. Your first barrier for the virus is your main organ; the skin, which is 70-80% Collagen. A barrier for COVID 19 has to begin with your skin!
  • Your body can’t make it, you’ve got to ingest Collagen. Hydrolyzed peptides are the best form to ingest with faster bioavailability.
  • Adding L – Glutamine which is contained in the Collagen Peptides enhances your bodies ability to absorb nutrients in the gut and also to recover from any exercise session.
  • Electrolytes; sodium, potassium, and calcium are complimentary with Collagen Protein and L – Glutamine. Drinking just water during the potential onslaught of COVID 19 or if you have contracted the virus – the electrolytes are absolutely vital. These help retain the optimal metabolism of your body.
  • Bone Broth is an excellent source of Collagen Protein and Glutamine but quite often too low in electrolytes.
  • SFuels Train product is a perfect combination for all three. My boys albeit a bit a late have been drinking 20 – 28 ounces per day / recommended dosage.


  • I like the science behind the favorable bacterial strain called Bifido Bacterium.
  • Restoring, balancing and elevating the gut microbiome is absolutely vital to combat COVID 19.
  • Take 30 billion in the AM and 30 billion in the PM preferably before your meals. Drink these tablets with warm water or a warm healthy beverage – COVID-19 does not like warm fluids!

Here are a few more of my recommenations about dealing with COVID-19