Anaerobic Workouts Critical During Spring Training

If there is one type of workout that sets you up for success during Spring Training, it's anaerobic endurance workouts. During this video, Dave recommends: - a specific anaerobic endurance workout - workout frequency per week - how to increase intensity per discipline (swim, bike and run). These workouts should be hard intensity with a [...]

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#AskDS6x: Post-Workout Smoothie

This week Dave answers a fan question, “What should I eat late morning after a workout?” Watch the below video to find out: the ultimate nutrient dense Smoothie why you shouldn't graze every 2-3 hours whether to eat bars or real food how many avocados Dave eats per day! Watch Here > #AskDS6x: Post-Workout Smoothie

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Winter Indoor Bike Training – Part 1

I get lots of questions regarding indoor winter bike training. This is part 1 of a two video presentation, where I share indoor winter training tips geared to maximize your workout session. This video focuses on the importance of the TA in obtaining maximum power, optimal bike position and gear suggestions with assoicated rpms. After [...]

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