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Mix Up Your Swim Set & Become More Powerful with These Drills

After spending last weekend at Ironman Texas with ATV Swim Spas, I spoke to a fair number of athletes who are looking to break up the monotony of their swim workouts. This week's workout is a fun, high intensity session that uses different muscle groups than your typical freestyle sets. Adding different strokes during your [...]

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Mixed Threshold Run Workout: Money in the Bank for Race Day

Hey Gang, This #WorkoutWednesday session is the final installment in my mixed threshold series of workouts (be sure check out my similar sessions for swim and bike). Today's run session is tough, but will make you stronger and help you dial in your pace so that you can dust the competition in the final miles on race day! If you give this [...]

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Ask The Man™: 3 Tips for Success in Kona

Lately I’ve been getting numerous requests from triathletes who want insights on how to race — and not just complete — the Hawaii IRONMAN. This is a massive topic (and I’ll be presenting very detailed advice as October nears) but, for now, check out this video where I provide 3 fundamental tips that are helpful in [...]

Ripped! 12 Tips to Achieve Your Ideal Racing Weight

I'm frequently asked about the best ways to attain your ideal racing weight. As triathletes, we must strive to attain that perfect balance between lean body mass, power and immune health (it does no good to drop so much weight that we get a cold during race week, or if we feel dead trying to run up [...]

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My Secret to Increasing Your Cycling Speed

Hey Gang, Have you ever felt that your cycling speed has plateaued and – even though you can ride further -- you just can’t seem to ride faster? This #WorkoutWednesday powered by BioAstin is a mixed threshold bike set.  I love these sessions! It's one of  the best ways to break through that barrier and improve your [...]

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Workout Wednesday with BioAstin: Alleviating Hamstring and Low Back Tightness

Hi Dave, I finished my first Olympic-distance triathlon in October 2016 and my left hamstring and lower back have become tighter and more aggravated during the off-season. Can neck tightness and lower back stiffness on the bike be resolved with core exercises like yoga? I also have left leg tightness through my hamstring, piriformis, quads, [...]

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