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Maximize Your Core Strength With This Push Up Series

For this Workout Wednesday powered by Bioastin, I wanted to share one of the best exercises you can do to anywhere. I recommend this push up series for all of my athletes to help with core stabilization and core strength. Having a strong core will help you across your swim, bike and run disciplines. Give [...]

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Ask The Man: What Order Should I Do My Workouts?

Hi Dave, How important is the order of the workouts each day? I get that brick sessions should be done as arranged. But if I have one swim and one bike workout scheduled, can I do the bike in the morning and the swim in the evening? Mattias   This is a great question and [...]

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Swimming Faster: Back Flutter Kick with No Fins

I like to do kicking drills and this one will work your core and your concentration. The key is not to have too much flexion in your knees. Doing flutter kick on your back without fins increases your awareness of the pressure on the top of your foot which ultimately helps when you are doing [...]

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