Hi Dave,

How important is the order of the workouts each day? I get that brick sessions should be done as arranged. But if I have one swim and one bike workout scheduled, can I do the bike in the morning and the swim in the evening?


This is a great question and the answer is twofold:

1. What works for you regarding the realistic timing of fitting in your workouts during the day.  If the cycling session is best in the morning, you’ve already got your answer.

2.   If you have a choice and one of the workouts has higher intensity this should be done as the first workout.
For example if you’re doing a set of 4 x 4’ very hard at VO2 pace on the bike, this session should be done in the morning.

Keep in mind that you’ll recover faster from the swim session and therefore on days when you swim, you do have the option of doing the swim before or after.

Also, if you asked about running and the timing of the sessions, I would have the run session completed as your first session of the day. It usually takes longer to recover from your run sessions.