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My Reflections on the 2017 Hawaii IRONMAN

The 2017 Hawaii IRONMAN Triathlon World Championship was FAST! Three men broke the bike course record and winner Patrick Lange set a new overall course record. In light of these -- and many other -- amazing performances, I share my thoughts on the importance of entering major competitions with a plan... and sticking to that plan [...]

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Eliminate the Wiggle for Faster Swimming

Have you ever noticed triathletes who display a pronounced hip wag as they swim freestyle? Throughout my years of coaching, it has been common for me to observe this "hip wag" in emerging and experienced swimmers alike.  Trust me, doing the hula slows you down!  Fortunately we can focus on a few areas to eliminate this common [...]

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Dave’s Secret to Gaining More Power on Your Runs

An effective way to improve your running is to train regularly on hills. Including hill repeats in your running regimen will make you stronger and faster. Running hills increases strength in the glutes, calves and core, and it builds more power. It also increases arm action that will eventually improve fluidity in your form. All good things! You can include a [...]

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Add Structure to Your Weekend Rides With This Workout

When you ride with friends on the weekends do you either just go out for an easy-paced cruise or do you try to put the hammer down on each other for most of the ride? This Workout Wednesday Powered by Bioastin is something in-between. It can give you and your buddies a structured workout that [...]

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How Can I Expedite My Recovery from an Ironman Race?

I’m in Kona right now, along with thousands of athletes, fans, media and industry bigshots… eagerly awaiting this Saturday’s IRONMAN World Championship. This is the ideal time for me to answer a question that I’m frequently asked: How can I best return to training immediately after my race? Here’s my 5-day prescription for the vast [...]

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Boost Swim Fitness with Anaerobic Endurance Sets

With my swim squad in Boulder, we regularly start and end our workouts with short anaerobic endurance (AE) sets using both freestyle and other strokes. AE sets are key to help heighten and recruit fast twitch muscle fibers. Although it’s important to include AE freestyle efforts, try changing your stroke selection from time-to-time. In these [...]

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