When you ride with friends on the weekends do you either just go out for an easy-paced cruise or do you try to put the hammer down on each other for most of the ride?

This Workout Wednesday Powered by Bioastin is something in-between. It can give you and your buddies a structured workout that will help increase your overall cycling fitness, improve your anaerobic endurance and change-up your normal routine.  Plus, I think you’ll find it to be a lot of fun!

You can implement this workout throughout your entire season either once or twice per week. If you give this workout a try, let me know how it went. Get in touch with me on Facebook or Twitter.


Gearing Recommendations

Low Gear (LG): 98–104 RPMs

Seated Big Gear (BG): 74–82 RPMs

Standing BG: 66–72 RPMs.

Seated Time Trail Gear (TTG): 88–96 RPMs

Standing TTG: 70–78 RPMs.

Warm Up

20 minutes and intersperse 8 x 40 sec Low Gear (LG); Maintain 98–104 RPM.

These intervals should be moderately hard.  Concentrate on making smooth circles.

1st Set

Within this set there’s a mix of LG seated, Big Gear (BG) seated and standing, and Time Trial Gear (TTG)—or your favorite race gear—seated and standing. Have some fun with the changes in cadence and position on your bike!

The Rest Interval (RI) is 90 seconds between all repeats.

On the seated BG maintain RPMs of 74–82 and standing BG 66–72 RPMs.

Seated TTG 88–96 RPMs and standing 70–78 RPMs.

2 min TTG + 2 min LG all seated 1x

25 sec BG standing + 25 sec TTG standing 4x

2 x 90 sec: alternate 30 sec segments BG seated / TTG seated / LG seated

8 x 45 sec TTG: odd repeats standing for 15 seconds, then sitting for 30 seconds. Even repeats sitting for 15 sec and standing for 30 sec.

At completion of the set ride aerobically for 15 minutes.

Main Set

These intervals should be done at a sub-threshold pace or about 4 – 12 percent below your threshold level (or hour effort of race pace).

During this set remember to relax your toes without gripping the bottom of your shoe. On the LG efforts try to drop the heel a bit more at the 3 o’clock position to maximize the power and limit plantar flexion.

8 x 6 min with RI 45 sec

Odd repeats are all TTG, and include 90 seconds standing within the 6 minute block.

Even repeats are in LG for 4 minutes (LG power will typically drop well below your sub threshold level but your rate of perceived exertion and leg fatigue should be comparable to your TTG efforts) + 2 minutes BG, alternating 30 seconds standing and 30 seconds sitting.

Cool down until end of the session.

Total Time: 2 Hours


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