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HIIT for the Holidays: 45 Minute Bike Session

I'm frequently asked, “Why should I include HIIT training sessions in my workouts now? Shouldn’t I just be taking it easy during the off-season?” My answer?  "No! The benefits of year-round HIIT workouts are tremendous!" Here are 3 of my favorite reasons to include some harder efforts every week: Keep Your Fast Twitch Muscles Primed. Short interval segments activate [...]

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HIIT Holiday Workout Series: 45 Minute Swim Session

The holiday season is upon us and between the days being shorter, holiday parties, and family obligations, triathlon training often takes a backseat to life. This is okay! Finding balance in the off-season and during the holidays is very important. Although, it's also very important not to skip training all together and take the whole [...]

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