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Run Faster Uphill: Dave’s Hills + Flats Workout

Oftentimes when I see athletes running uphill during a race, they falter near the top and lose their form and speed. If you have a hilly race on your calendar or if your legs feel tanked every time you finish a hill session, then this workout will help. Today's Workout Wednesday powered by Bioastin will help develop [...]

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Swing Pace Run Session: Get Faster & Dial-in Your Race Pace

Getting faster on your run takes work and commitment. It's attainable but there’s no easy way to gain speed! But -- with the right training and purposeful effort -- you can achieve your PR goals. I’ve designed several workouts for swim, bike and run that incorporate "Swing Pace" efforts to help athletes learn pacing and prepare them [...]

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Power in the Engine Room: Building Glute Strength

  I refer to the gluteals as the body's "engine room". The glutes produce the power you need on the bike & run, and provide stability during the swim. If you're not sufficiently engaging your glutes, then you're probably overloading your hamstrings and quads.  Have you ever been reduced to walking or have suffered cramps on [...]

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Get out of Your Cycling Rut with this Total Speed Session

Many times triathletes train at just one speed: slow and steady. It’s easy to neglect your top end if you’re just focusing on completing miles each week. However there is a huge benefit for triathletes to incorporate high-end anaerobic endurance repeats within a workout to stimulate fast twitch muscle fibers. By including these super-fast short [...]

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