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Plan & Practice for Race Day Unknowns — Part 1: The Swim

  This week, I’ll be kicking off my 3-part series of Workout Wednesday sessions on how to prepare for the host of unknowns that you'll face in a race. We’ve all been there: Despite being meticulous with your race planning and following your power meter, heart rate monitor or just being sensible, you’ve either had [...]

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Run-Bike-Run Bricks: Get Stronger & Reduce Injury

As many of you know, I like to mix up brick workouts and do much, much more than the traditional bike-run brick! If you’ve never tried a run-bike-run brick before I’d highly recommend including it in your training along with the swim-bike brick I wrote about earlier. The run-bike-run training is great for all triathlon distances [...]

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Vintage Dave: 5 Mental Strategies for a Strong Ironman Run

This photo was taken during one of my IRONMAN World Championship races in the early 80's (I think it was 1984). As was always the case when I raced in Hawaii, I suffered through multiple bad sections during the run. However, by realizing that these were just "bad patches" -- and having purposefully trained to overcome them [...]

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