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Plan & Practice for Race Day Unknowns — Part 1: The Swim

  This week, I’ll be kicking off my 3-part series of Workout Wednesday sessions on how to prepare for the host of unknowns that you'll face in a race. We’ve all been there: Despite being meticulous with your race planning and following your power meter, heart rate monitor or just being sensible, you’ve either had [...]

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Vintage Dave: You’ll Always Remember Your Commitment

This photo was taken during the 1989 Hawaii Ironman... now known as IronWar. Mark had just surged ahead from me on the back side of Palani Hill with less than 2 miles to go. Although it was a moment of anxiety and despair for me, I was still thinking there was a remote chance that I [...]

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Swimming Faster: Freestyle with Tennis Balls

One of my favorite drills is swimming with tennis balls. This drill–as silly as it may seem–can dramatically improve your stroke and hand position in the water. Watch the demonstration in the video below to learn more. Try incorporating this drill 1 to 2 times a week during your swim sessions. If you give this [...]

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Run-Bike-Run Bricks: Get Stronger & Reduce Injury

As many of you know, I like to mix up brick workouts and do much, much more than the traditional bike-run brick! If you’ve never tried a run-bike-run brick before I’d highly recommend including it in your training along with the swim-bike brick I wrote about earlier. The run-bike-run training is great for all triathlon distances [...]

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Vintage Dave: 5 Mental Strategies for a Strong Ironman Run

This photo was taken during one of my IRONMAN World Championship races in the early 80's (I think it was 1984). As was always the case when I raced in Hawaii, I suffered through multiple bad sections during the run. However, by realizing that these were just "bad patches" -- and having purposefully trained to overcome them [...]

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Training for Open Water Race Pace

Practicing in open water at a race pace effort is a valuable experience going into your key events of the year. This workout includes longer threshold -- or race pace -- efforts with short bursts of high intensity speed that mimic the pace oscillations in a race. If you have an opportunity to practice in open water, [...]