Dave shares a few of his favorite swim gear recommendations:

Bundle One:
This selection of gear helps to maximize head position and body alignment increasing bilateral symmetry.
  • Freestyle Snorkel( FS ):   High head position and lateral head  movement  are the two  freestyle triggers for poor  alignment!   The FS will correct this problem!
  • Iso Paddle:  A small but effective paddle to heighten the sensation of all phases of the stroke.  Without a large surface area this eliminates a large downward press on the front end of the stroke – perfect with the FS.
  • Posture trainer  (PT) – Perfect tool to complement the FS and  the Iso Paddle.  Keeping the head still and “down” is the prerequisite for freestyle.

Bundle Two:

These 3 paddles will enhance your underwater pull pattern increasing economy in all distances.  Use the fins to increase dynamic mobility in your hip.

  • Long Floating Fins (LFF) –  Pliable but firm for the  beginner or advanced swimmer.  Triathletes this is a must to enhance your stroke core, gluteal and quad strength.  Plus you’ll achieve better mobility in your ankle!
  • Freestyler and Freestyler Jr. Paddle  (FP)   ( depends on hand size ) –  Tapered paddle and keel construction “force” the entry to stay straight and not dive deeply.  Tight shoulders and rotator cuff, this is a perfect paddle.  I combine drills with the LFF and paddles. ( Freestyler and Agility )
  • Agility Paddle  ( AP )  –  Great feel on the front and the finish with the AP.  Why bundle both paddles? Why two sets AP and FP?   Totally different feel with each and keeping palm pressure is vital.  They’re both beautiful teachers of proper mechanics.

Bundle Three:

Increase strength in your core and upper body (back, shoulders and arms) to gain speed.

  • Ultimate Drag Suit ( UDS ) –  Easily slides on and adds a steady resistance. Performed with proper mechanics great overload to heighten mobility, flexibility and strength.
  • Dryland Stretch Cord ( DSC)   Mimicking stroke mechanics, adding strength and recognizing your water flaws the  DSC is a must for all triathletes.
  • Pulling Ankle Strap – Drag is created and your core and proper technique have to done flawlessly.  Combined with UDS and DSC you will gain speed.

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Get the Gear!