This is a shot in Nice in 1982 or 1983, I do not recall. Helmets were not required during the race, and I certainly was not concerned about protecting my skin. With lifeguarding for years and transitioning to triathlons in my teens, twenties and early thirties, protecting my skin was not my priority. I paid the price for many decades and now in my sixties I am a tad wiser.  

When your body is constantly bombarded by the sun, environmental and oxidative stress, my suggestion is to combat the inflammation from the inside of your body – not the outside. Slapping on layers of sunscreen is of course helpful but most athletes don’t think that another effective measure is to nurture your internal physiology. If your skin is protected by the most potent antioxidant – Astaxanthin, the deepest skin layer called the hypodermis is truly protected. 

Why is this important for athletes that are in and out of pools, oceans, riding their bikes, running in the sun and exposed to environmental pollutants?  Because Astaxanthin permeates the fat soluble membranes and this is the KEY for sun protection and overall skin health. Starting on the surface with sunscreen is the last resort for protection: not the first.

I’ve been using Astaxanthin for over seven years and prior to taking in 4 to 12 mg / day, I had numerous precancerous bumps on my lips, nose, thighs, back of my calves and shoulders. The list was growing every year until I started taking Astaxanthin! I realize this sounds like a bunch of baloney but with my annual dermatology checkup, I have had a 100 percent stoppage of any form of sun damaged skin! If you’re not taking Astaxanthin for your optimal internal skin protector, now is the time to start. Learn more here to discover the science behind this incredibly potent algae. 

Best in Health,

Dave Scott

This post is sponsored by BioAstin, but as always all opinions and ideas are my own.