Looking to freshen up some run sessions? Try adding hopping and jumping in your training.

In this Workout Wednesday powered by BioAstin I recommend combining hopping and jumping intermixed with your normal running to increase your foot, calf, quad and gluteal strength. Core stability will also be improved and your cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory endurance will be elevated.

Hopping and jumping intervals stimulate your fast twitch fibers. This recruitment of the faster fibers trains them to assist the slow twitch fibers. Early, mid and competitive seasons can benefit by these short, high intensity outputs.

Elevating your heartrate throughout the session with these high intensity segments will create a high post-metabolic burn. Revving up your engine with the hopping and jumping allows a 15 to 25% metabolic increase after you’ve finished the workout!

This is a super run workout. It’s not too long but it’s pretty darn challenging. You can do this workout outdoors or on a treadmill. Try this session twice a week for 5 weeks and you’ll become a stronger and faster runner.

Warm Up

10 min

Set 1 

8x 25 sec build each to 800m speed

Rest Interval (RI) easy jog for 45 sec

After the last interval, jog easy for 4 min

Main Set   

10 reps double leg bounding (hopping; like a standing broad jump) then go right into a 30 sec fast run + 1 min easy

Repeat 4 times

Jog easy for 4 min

Then in the same place, alternate hopping  (like a scissors movement) on a single leg with alternating the right leg and left leg for 20 sec. Or think about if you stand on a marked line on the pavement or gym you’re just jumping straight up and over the line while alternating jumps with the right leg then left.

Then jump side to side with both legs (over the line) for 20 sec + run with long bounds for 20 sec + 20 sec fast running. Total of 80 sec.

Jog easy for 4 min and repeat the entire set.

Cool Down  

Run for 5 min then walk backwards for 90 sec squeezing your gluteals and stretching your calves!