I created the Dave Scott Tri Club for one reason: to make athletes like you faster and more efficient.

After winning the IRONMAN World Championships 6 times – and competing as a professional all over the world – I devoted my life to coaching.

For over 30 years I’ve been obsessed with teaching my triathletes to be faster and more efficient. I’m the founder of the Dave Scott Institute at Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Hawaii; author of the Dave Scott Method™ of triathlon training; and a Master Coach at IRONMAN U.

I’ve trained professionals (like Chrissie Wellington and Craig Alexander) to multiple world championship titles, and hundreds of dedicated age groupers (like you) to PRs and podiums.

However, until now, I’ve been limited to working with athletes who either train in Boulder, CO (where I live), or who attend one of my camps.

Train with Me… Regardless of Where You Live

Thanks to some amazing technology, I’m now able to provide you – regardless of where you live — with personalized training and consultation that will transform your triathlon performance.


Through the new Dave Scott Triathlon Club… a private, members-only organization dedicated to improving your triathlon performance.

DSTC Charter Member Offer

What’s Included with Your Membership?

Your membership in the DSTC includes:

  • A customized 12-week training program with personalized training intensity prescriptions that recalibrate as your fitness improves (a $397 value);
  • Access to the Dave Scott Institute’s video vault, which provides weekly episodes that accompany your 12-week training program;
  • Live bi-weekly webcasts with me – available only to DSTC members;
  • A members-only online forum (moderated by me) where you can ask personal questions about your training, nutrition and racing;
  • Access to limited edition DSTC training and racing apparel;
  • Exclusive discounts on products and services offered by my partners (which – by themselves – will pay for your DSTC membership); and
  • My regular and frequent additions of training content and mini-courses that will continue to refine your triathlon performance.

Is the DSTC Right for You?

If you’ve completed a triathlon or two – or if you’re an experienced endurance athlete just getting into triathlon – then you’ll find the Dave Scott Tri Club to be a great fit.

Of course, if you’re already an experienced triathlete, then I’ll help you strengthen your weaknesses, and refine your performance-focused approach to the sport.

However, the Dave Scott Triathlon Club isn’t for everyone.

If you’re an absolute beginner or if you’re just a dabbler, then there are probably better options for you.

I’ve built the DSTC on the performance fundamentals of my Dave Scott Method™ of multisport training. We’ll focus not just on swimming, cycling and running; but also on precise workout structure; bodywork that builds speed; optimal nutrition; and racing strategies and tactics.

If you have triathlon goals that you still need to reach, then I’ll help you get there… and the Dave Scott Tri Club is absolutely right for you!

What if You’re Already in a Local Tri Club?

No problem!

You’ll discover that the DSTC is the ideal complement to your local club or training group.

While you continue to enjoy the social support and benefits of group training with your local club, you’ll also see impressive results from your personalized training programs and access to DSTC resources.

It’s a powerful combination!

How Quickly Will You See Results?

Most experienced triathletes who follow my instruction are surprised by how quickly they improve… and usually while training fewer hours per week than they’re currently logging.

Similarly, emerging athletes are pleased to learn that training properly is not all-consuming… and that progress happens very quickly.

(Remember: we emphasize purposeful, efficient workouts instead of tedious hours of mindless miles).

Regardless of your current ability, once you’ve completed 3 weeks of one of my 12-week training programs, you’ll notice substantive improvement in your performance.

Thanks for considering my Dave Scott Tri Club.

I’m absolutely committed to making you a faster and more efficient triathlete.

I hope you’ll join us today.