I’ve been a coach all my life.

I started teaching swimming when I was 15 and got the “tough” kids who other instructors either thought they were misbehaving or impossible to teach.  I had great success winning them over emotionally… after that the swim instruction was easy.

I loved the challenge and, to this day, I always have an eagerness to coach all levels.

In this photo I was about 20 years old (a sophomore in college) and had just started the Davis Aquatic Masters. The program grew from 8 swimmers to 400! After winning the 1980 IRONMAN, I decided to devote myself fulltime to triathlon training, but the program continued and is one of the largest in the country today.

The swimmer in the farthest left lane in this photo is my dad Verne. He started at age 52.  Today he’s 94 and still swims 4 times a week in Sonora, California with my sister’s swim squad! Obviously swimming is a sport to be pursued for a lifetime.

I realized early on that regardless of individual talent, all ages and abilities can be passionate about swimming. If an athlete is willing to change their technique or practices, then I’ll be relentlessly committed to making them a better swimmer. Even the most stubborn triathletes have a seed a hope and I try to exploit this to make them better.

Are you ready to upgrade your swimming?

If so, consider participating in your local masters swim group.  Don’t be intimidated; everyone starts as a beginner!  Another great option is to join my Dave Scott Tri Club.  We offer loads of swimming tips and instruction that will make you a faster and more efficient triathlete.

To this very day, when I want a bit of calmness, I just jump into the pool and swim for 20 minutes. No music, no noise, no voices… just serenity.

The soothing sensations I feel when swimming still calm and center me (despite my manic focus on trying to hit my splits!)