This week Dave answers a question from follower, Judith Cardinaels.


In the morning when running tempo or short intervals I get hungry. You mentioned in a tip to hold off on eating to burn calories for the morning workout.

What should I eat prior to high intensity morning workouts?


Hunger is fine!  However, if your symptomatic of any of the below three:

1. performance dramatically falls off

2. concentration dips and focus mentally is dropping

3.  any waves of light headiness

Well, you need calories!  Try to eat a small dosage of 60 -100 calories  preferably an hour before exercise but this may get pushed closer with a morning wakeup and the onset of your activity.

Having a “mix” or combining the following would give you a  pre calorie boost:   a.  whey protein b.  possibly a small dollop or two of yogurt c.   a few walnuts d.  a third of a banana.  One of these items on the LOW end of calories may do the trick.  With a higher intensity session, your caloric burn is rapid so depending upon your fitness, meal the night before, length and intensity of your sessions – these all factor into your pre workout fueling.