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My Post-Thanksgiving 50-40-30 Brick

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After a gluttonous Thanksgiving (or any other major holiday), it’s no wonder that many of us are feeling sluggish. I have just the antidote: My 50-40-30 Brick Workout! This fun session will snap you out [...]

Vintage Dave: My Passion for Coaching

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I’ve been a coach all my life. I started teaching swimming when I was 15 and got the “tough” kids who other instructors either thought they were misbehaving or impossible to teach.  I had great [...]

Half Fly Cord Drill for Faster Freestyle

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Why would we want to perform a half butterfly stroke with stretch cords? Because this drill -- demonstrated in the Workout Wednesday presented by Bioastin video below -- will get you comfortable with the unnatural [...]

Importance of the Swim

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While in Kona for the IRONMAN World Championships, I had the opportunity to sit down with British superstar David McNamee to talk about the race. In this video we share our insights on why we [...]

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