High Performance Nutrition

Many consider race day nutrition as the “fourth event”.

We’ve all known triathletes who have squandered months of preparation and optimal fitness because they didn’t dial-in their proper race day nutritional strategy.

Proper nutrition for health and performance should begin well before the race, as part of your daily regimen.

I’ll teach you how to get it right.

Joe Sirdevan

“Dave overhauled my diet, and I’ve seen tremendous results. I’ve never had more energy and I’ve lost 16 pounds. I’m skinny, strong and feel super-human!”

Joe Sirdevan
Toronto, ONT

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#AskDS6x: Post-Workout Smoothie

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This week Dave answers a fan question, “What should I eat late morning after a workout?” Watch the below video to find out: the ultimate nutrient dense Smoothie why you shouldn't graze every 2-3 hours [...]