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You Don’t Know Squat (Yet)

By |   Are you interested in being faster on the run and stronger on the bike? Do you want more flexibility in your hips, legs and back? Of course you do.   If there's [...]

6 Tips to Live a Long & Healthy Life

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This shot was recently taken of my dad, Verne, and me. My dad turned 93 on June 19th. He’s always been a huge supporter of me and my kids: attending and organizing swim meets, water polo [...]

Building a Bullet Proof Body

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with Christine Bell Too often I see clients early in the New Year with season-stalling injuries caused by overzealous training. After a 4- to 6-week romp on the holiday party circuit, they jump off the [...]

Designing the Perfect Pre-Race Taper

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Over the years I’ve seen many athletes not achieve their full potential in races because they failed to execute a proper pre-race taper. I’ve witnessed triathletes who have not backed off enough and have arrived [...]

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