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Get Faster

I’ve been a coach for over 40 years. I’ve helped pros win world championships, but most of my time is spent with dedicated age groupers like you who are committed to improving your results.

Triathlon is a complex sport of swimming, biking and running. To truly reach your potential, you must combine these disciplines with vital strength & flexibility training and solid nutritional science… along with strategic training periodization and proven race tactics.

I’ll cut through the confusion, make you more efficient and help you optimize your performance. My slogan is simple: “Proven Results. Guaranteed”. Commit to one of my training programs and I’ll make you faster…I guaranteed it.

Dave Scott taught me how to push the boundaries of what was physically and mentally possible. He is an expert in all facets of endurance training and had a massive influence on my career. He really is “The Man”!

Craig Alexander

3x IRONMAN World Champion
2x IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion

Training Articles & Videos

How Do I Calculate My Lactate Threshold on the Run?

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Your Lactate Threshold or LT Pace is a great training tool to use in your running to help you train your body to become a faster and more economical runner. I use LT as a gauge for athletes in several different run sessions including one of my favorites the Swing Pace Run Workout.

Ask The Man: Help! I Have Achilles Tendonitis from Cycling

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I am a 31-year-old road cyclist that rides about 5,000 miles a year. Unfortunately, I have never taken stretching seriously and also realized and my lack of stretching was also compounded by some new shoes with improper cleat placement. After some long, hard rides I've developed some bad Achilles tendinitis in my left leg. I am training for a trip to the dolomites end of June and trying to understand the balance of rest versus training. Do you have any suggestions?

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