As one of Ironman’s Master Coaches, I’ve been working with Ironman Virtual Club to create a variety of challenges for athletes to continue competing, virtually. It’s free to register, and I encourage you to take a look:

Thanks Karl Thieme for giving the IMU VR a shot. See his results and my thoughts below:

  • IM VR1: 5k run, 90k bike and 21k run – 25:07, 2:41:08, 2:00:34, 5:06:49 – 2nd place M65-69
  • IM VR2: 3k run, 40k bike, 10k run, 14:15, 1:05:38, 51:23 – 5th place M65-69
  • IM VR3: 1.5k run, 20k bike , 5k run – 6:49, 32:38, 24:26 – 6th place M65-69

Karl, nice job! This is a darn good series of races! Keep it going, Karl, hope others join you!

I hope other DSTC members dive into some of these fun VR races with IM. I’ve also added a series of Ironman Virtual Races along with the other IMU Master Coaches. These will be forthcoming with Ironman, and I will also post mine on the Dave Scott Tri Club site.  With COVID still in place, these options to the DSTC program should keep everyone motivated. My suggestion is to look at the VR races and decide what may fit into your schedule. The Challenges are a week alternative and can segue nicely into the DSTC 12 week programs.

Join The Ironman Virtual Club!